Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord?

Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord?

Power Came Out

Jesus' power and popularity have spread significantly. Although his fame had already spread in the region, people from far-off areas were hearing about him and coming in large numbers to hear him speak and seek his healing. Jesus' ability to transform people is evident, and he starts teaching about discipleship in the following paragraphs.


In Luke 6:20-26, Jesus delivers both blessings and woes. The disciples of Jesus may face social exclusion in this world, but they are blessed because of their association with him. On the contrary, people who disregard Jesus and focus solely on worldly pleasures will face condemnation in the future.

Love Your Enemies

One of the essential qualities of a follower of Jesus is love. Jesus teaches his disciples to love in a way that goes against what society expects. This means loving even those considered enemies and responding to evil with kindness. These teachings show that the disciples of Jesus should live according to the principles of God's kingdom instead of the principles of the world. Additionally, showing love involves refraining from being critical or judgmental of others.

Into A Pit...

The story of the blind leading the blind comes after Jesus' cautionary message about not judging others. This means we should be careful when passing judgment because we all tend to sin. Before we can guide or assist others, we must examine ourselves and eliminate sin from our own lives. As the parable of the tree and its fruit illustrates, if we rid ourselves of sin and produce good works, we can lead by example and positively influence others.


Jesus uses the metaphor of building a foundation to illustrate obedience to his commands. Merely listening to Jesus' teachings without putting them into practice is insufficient for building a foundation. A strong foundation is built only by those who not only hear Jesus' words but also obey them. Thus, only those who hear and obey Jesus will have a solid foundation and be able to stand.





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