He Must Increase

He Must Increase

Whoever Believes

How did God show love to the world? He demonstrated it by giving his unique Son, God, and man. This allowed those who believed in him to have eternal life, just as the serpent in the wilderness was lifted up so that people could be healed. Had the Son arrived intending to conquer, the outcome would have been disastrous. It would have resulted in the condemnation of the entire world, with every sinner being cast away into eternal damnation. However, that was not God's intention. He sent his Son not to condemn the world but to save it through his sacrificial death.

If someone doesn't believe in Jesus, they are already under judgment. This judgment has always existed since the time of Adam's sin and applies to everyone. The only way to be saved from this judgment is to believe in Jesus. Because of this judgment, people who don't believe in Jesus prefer darkness over light. Their preference for darkness reveals their guilt, and their response shows their spiritual state when the light appears. Just as Adam hid from God in the garden, sinners hide in darkness when the Light of the World arrives.

The Spirit Without Measure

John the Baptist's disciples were discussing the relationship between the cleansing rituals from the Torah and John's baptism with a Jew. It seems that the disciples of John were worried that many of their followers were leaving to follow Jesus. The reason for their concern is a lack of understanding about God's plan, the role of John in it, and how this all reveals Jesus' identity and sets the stage for his mission.

John the Baptist showed humility by understanding his role and Jesus' role in God's plan. Pride comes from an overestimation of ourselves. John understands his purpose, which is to prepare the way for Jesus. Additionally, he knows that he comes from the earth and not from heaven and that everything he has received has come from God (1 Corinthians 4:7, John 3:27). John is not threatened by everyone going to Jesus because he understands that Jesus is the bridegroom who will initiate God's new covenant with his people.

John summarizes the profound nature of the triune God by saying that Jesus speaks the words of God because he is given the Spirit without measure. This means that the Father gives the Spirit to the Son, which allows him to speak God's words. Being the Word, Jesus can receive the Spirit without limit; therefore, God speaks every time he speaks.Those who do not believe will be condemned and perish under God's wrath. On the other hand, those who believe will have eternal life. This is because of God's love for the world and his Son, the rightful king who spoke God's words and received the Spirit's measure. John the Baptist provided reliable testimony about Jesus, and therefore we need to trust, be loyal to, obey, and surrender our lives to him.





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