Twelve Years, Twelve Apostles, And Speculation

Twelve Years, Twelve Apostles, And Speculation

Girl Interrupted 

Jairus asks Jesus to come and heal his daughter, who is sick. As Jesus made his way to Jairus' house, a large crowd followed him, and a woman who had been suffering from a discharge of blood for twelve years touched his cloak. Upon her doing so, she was immediately healed, and Jesus asked who had touched him. Even though it seemed impossible to know in the midst of the throng, the woman stepped forward and admitted that she had. Jesus then declared that it was her faith that had saved her, demonstrating that more than a physical healing had taken place. Jesus also showed his authority over nature by calming the storm and casting out a legion of demons from a man. All of these events serve to demonstrate his lordship and to proclaim the coming of the kingdom.

Just Sleeping?

The story of the healing of the woman with the hemorrhage is interspersed with the account of Jairus’s daughter, which increases the dramatic tension and emphasizes the magnitude of the miracle. As it turns out, Jairus’s daughter has passed away, leading some to believe it pointless to disturb Jesus further. But Jesus reassures them with the words, “Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well.” (8:50). Alongside Jesus, Peter, James, and John enter the home, accompanied by the father and mother. Jesus remarks that the young girl is not dead, but sleeping, which prompts the crowd to burst into mocking laughter. Taking the girl by the hand, Jesus commands her to rise, and she does so, eating something shortly after. Jesus instructs them to keep the healing a secret.

Preaching And Perplexed 

Jesus revealed his identity to his disciples and to the people of Israel through his teaching, healing the sick, casting out demons, showing his power over nature, and raising the dead. He was announcing the arrival of the kingdom of God. He then sent out his disciples to spread the message of the kingdom, with the promise that their healing and exorcisms would prove its validity. He told them not to take any supplies with them, but to stay in the houses of those who welcomed them. If the message was rejected, Jesus instructed them to shake the dust off their feet as a sign of that rejection. As the disciples went out preaching and healing, news of their ministry spread and Herod Antipas, the one who had executed John the Baptist, began to worry that John had been raised from the dead. Others speculated that Jesus was Elijah or one of the other prophets from the Old Testament. Herod wanted to see Jesus for himself, since people everywhere were talking about him.





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