A Parable, A Colt, A Prophecy, And A Cleansing

A Parable, A Colt, A Prophecy, And A Cleansing

More Will Be Given

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem, his arrival holds significant meaning for some who believe that it signals the immediate commencement of the kingdom of God. To illustrate his point, Jesus shares a parable about ten people given minas to do business until their master returns. The master, representing Christ, journeys to obtain a kingdom and returns to find that the citizens have rejected his rule. Upon receiving reports from the servants, the master rewards those who have been faithful and punishes the one who hid his mina out of fear. The parable emphasizes that more is given to those who have and that, ultimately, even those who reject Christ's reign will face judgment.

Rebuke Your Disciples

Jesus' journey to Jerusalem is almost finished, and he enters the city in this section. He instructs two disciples to retrieve a never-before-ridden colt from the city. Any objections are silenced when they hear that the Lord requires the colt. Jesus sits on the colt, and people spread their clothing on the road while praising God for his mighty deeds. They hail the King coming in God's name, exclaiming, "Glory in the highest!" The Pharisees are offended and ask Jesus to reprimand his followers. However, he responds that even the stones would cry out if his disciples remained silent. Upon seeing Jerusalem, he weeps over the city as it has rejected the path of peace. The city's pending destruction will leave it in ruins because its people have failed to recognize that the Lord was present in Jesus. Once in the temple, he expels those selling goods as they have made it a marketplace instead of a house of prayer. Jesus continues to teach in the temple, and though the religious and political authorities try to destroy him, the people support him and listen intently to his every word.





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