Disbelieved For Joy

Disbelieved For Joy

Why Do Doubts Arise In Your Hearts?

As the disciples share stories, Jesus appears among them and says, "Peace." The disciples are scared and think Jesus is a ghost. They doubt whether it's him, so Jesus shows them his hands and feet and lets them touch him. He has a real body made of flesh and bones. The disciples are amazed by Jesus' resurrection and can hardly believe it. To prove that he's really there, Jesus eats a fish in front of them, which shows that he's not just a spirit.

Proclaimed In His Name To All Nations

After the resurrection of Christ, Jesus explains to the disciples that all that has occurred was prophesied in the Scriptures. He helps them understand that the Scriptures predict both His suffering and resurrection. Jesus instructs His disciples to preach repentance and offer forgiveness to all nations and commissions them as His witnesses. However, He advises them to wait in Jerusalem until they are empowered with the Spirit to carry out their ministry. In the Gospel, according to Luke, Jesus ends his time with his disciples in Bethany by lifting his hands to bless them. As he blesses them, he ascends into heaven. All this occurs in Jerusalem, where the Gospel began at the temple. The disciples continue to worship and praise God at the temple in Jerusalem.





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