Warnings, A Daughter Of Abraham, And Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Warnings, A Daughter Of Abraham, And Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Worse Sinners?

Verses 1-9 are divided into two parts. The first part recounts the story of Pilate mixing the blood of Galileans with sacrifices and the tower of Siloam collapsing on eighteen people. Jesus refutes the idea that these tragedies resulted from the victims' sins, warning that a more significant calamity will befall those who do not repent. In 13:6-9, a parable is narrated about a man with a fig tree in his vineyard that failed to produce fruit for three years. The story symbolizes how Israel has had ample time to bear fruit but hasn't. The owner wants to cut down the tree, but the gardener wants to give it more care and time. However, Israel must bear fruit soon and believe in Jesus, or they will be judged.

Cut It Down

The religious leaders lack understanding concerning the end times, indicating that they cannot recognize the current era and do not realize that Jesus is fulfilling God's covenant promises. While teaching on the Sabbath in a synagogue, Jesus noticed a woman suffering from a severe disability for eighteen years. Jesus calls upon her and liberates her from her affliction, demonstrating his power through his touch. The woman is healed instantly and gives thanks and praise to God. On the other hand, the synagogue leader's spiritual insensitivity becomes visible as he becomes angry that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath instead of celebrating the miracle. Jesus rebukes the hypocrisy of the leader and those like him, who quickly tended to animals but ignored their responsibilities to care for humans, including Abraham's daughter. Jesus' words embarrass his opponents while the people rejoice.

Ought Not This Woman

As judgment approaches, it is now the moment of crisis, the time to choose. It is crucial for people, especially Israel, to understand that Jesus's arrival signifies the kingdom's arrival. Despite this, many fail to comprehend that the kingdom is present in the ministry of Jesus. To explain this, Jesus shares two parables. In the first, he compares the kingdom to a mustard seed, which has arrived as something small and easily missed. The Jews, however, expect the kingdom to come with great power and glory. Similarly, the kingdom is like leaven in flour, and its presence can be overlooked. Nevertheless, the kingdom will eventually come with great power, manifested as a tree from a small seed or leaven, thoroughly affecting all the flour. This ultimate reign and power of the kingdom is the eschaton.

Compare The Kingdom

The journey theme in Luke's Gospel may be overlooked due to the lack of geographical markers, but it emphasizes that Jesus is headed to Jerusalem to die. The significance of being a disciple is continually highlighted. Despite someone inquiring about the number of people who will be saved, Jesus doesn't answer directly. Instead, he stresses the importance of striving to be saved before it's too late. Those who have lived sinful lives won't be granted entry into his presence, even if they knew him and he lived among them. Their exclusion will cause them great remorse and agony as they witness the patriarchs and prophets in the kingdom while they remain outside. Their anguish will heighten when they see Gentiles, who they believe are inferior, included in the kingdom while they are not.

Journeying Toward Jerusalem

Jesus has warned about the impending judgment hour and emphasized the importance of deciding during a crisis. Some Pharisees caution him that Herod Antipas intends to harm him and that his judgment is imminent. Nevertheless, Jesus remains unfazed by Herod's threats and expresses confidence that he will complete his ministry, as it is his destiny to die in Jerusalem as a prophet. His attention then shifts to grieving for Jerusalem as he laments the city's history of rejecting divine messengers who urge it to repentance. Jesus' words are not spoken out of anger but instead stem from his love for Jerusalem, as he desires to shield it like a mother hen shelters its chicks. However, Jerusalem has continuously rejected him, and its temple will eventually be destroyed. The people of Jerusalem will not encounter Jesus the Messiah again until his glorious return.





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