He Is Not Here

He Is Not Here

An Idle Tale

Luke tells the story of women who went to the tomb and discovered it was empty. They found that the stone had been rolled away, but Jesus was not there. The women were confused about what happened until the two angels explained that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. He had risen from the dead, which was in line with what he had foretold during his ministry – that he would suffer and rise again. The women remembered Jesus' words, and Luke emphasized that what had happened was in line with what Jesus had predicted. When the women shared what they had seen and heard, the rest dismissed it as nonsense because they didn't believe Jesus' words. However, Peter went to the tomb, saw the linen cloths, and was amazed. Peter's amazement was likely a result of his faith, not doubt, although he also had to remember what Jesus had said.

Did Not Our Hearts Burn

The story of Cleopas and his companion traveling to Emmaus is memorable in the New Testament. They were walking to Emmaus, about 7 miles (11.3 km) from Jerusalem. During their journey, they talked about the events of Jesus' death, and Jesus himself appeared and joined the conversation. However, they were prevented by divine intervention from recognizing him. When Jesus asks, they inform him about the recent events and express their disappointment. They had hoped that Jesus would be the one to save Israel, but his crucifixion has seemingly put an end to those hopes. They also mention that some women claimed Jesus was alive but did not believe it because they had not seen him themselves. Jesus scolds them for not believing in the Scriptures that foretold Christ's sufferings and glories. When they arrive at Emmaus, Jesus intends to continue, but they persuade him to dine with them. In breaking the bread, he reveals himself to them and then disappears. They reflect on their burning hearts when he explained the Scriptures to them. After encountering Jesus on the road, Cleopas and his companion hurriedly went back to Jerusalem. They joined the Eleven and other followers, confessing that they had seen Jesus risen and that he had appeared to Peter. Cleopas and his friend also shared their experience of recognizing Jesus while breaking the bread.





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