The Breath Of God

The Breath Of God

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness," (2 Timothy 3:16, ESV)
The Bible is the very breath of God, communicating the words of God. This living book is full of wisdom, guidance, and instructions for how we should live as Christians. It speaks to us about God's character, our purpose in life, and how living according to God's will brings us closer to Him. To be a Christian is to live with an obligation to believe and obey the Bible.

The Authority of Scripture

John Frame wrote, "God's word is his powerful, authoritative self-expression." To be a Christian means that we have an obligation to believe and obey the word of God. The Bible is God's personal speech, his divine voice telling us who He is, who we are, and how we should live. The Bible should have authority in our lives. All scripture—from Genesis to Revelation—is profitable: it teaches us doctrinal truth, reproves us for ungodly behavior or false beliefs, corrects us when we are not doing what is right, and trains us in righteous living. It helps clarify otherwise confusing situations and provides hope in times of despair. It guides us on how to live holy lives now and what awaits us in eternity.  

The Struggle To Read It Faithfully

Paul Tripp asks, "What Does It Look Like to live in light of the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of the word of God? Well, if you really believe that the Bible is the word of God, preserved by God for you, wouldn't it be the most valuable, esteemed, treasured, and well-used possession in your life? Would you not love the moments when you could sit with it, read it carefully, study its content, and meditate on its implications? Wouldn't you commit yourself to be an avid reader and a lifelong student of the word of God?" He concludes by asking, "If I could listen in on and watch a month of your life, what would I conclude about the place of God's word in your life?" To fully experience the power of Scripture in our lives, we need to read it regularly—not just when it is convenient or when things are going well but also when life gets complicated or confusing. To profit from the scripture, we need the ministry of the Holy Spirit and grace-based effort.


Reading scripture is a powerful way to build your faith and strengthen your relationship with Christ Jesus. When you read your Bible, you will hear the voice of God. Taking the time to read slowly, carefully, prayerfully, and contemplatively helps us understand the Scripture more deeply. As we read the Bible daily, we will discover just how profitable God's word is in every aspect of our lives. So let's take advantage of this incredible gift by faithfully reading the scriptures every day so that we may understand more clearly who God is, know ourselves better, and be equipped with practical tools for living godly lives now. Join The Orchard's Read the New Testament challenge in 2023. This is a fantastic opportunity to read more scripture, draw closer to God, and grow personally!





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