Before Abraham Was, I AM

Before Abraham Was, I AM

John 8:39-59

Your Father The Devil

The Jews believed that because they were descendants of Abraham, they had a secure relationship with God. However, being a true heir of Abraham is not limited to one's bloodline but also depends on having faith like him. Jesus opposed the Jews' claim that their physical ancestry made them the rightful heirs of Abraham and noted that their mindset originated from a different origin.

The protest with the message "We are not illegitimate children" could be interpreted as insulting those who might be illegitimate. Although John does not explicitly mention the virgin birth, there are indications that some individuals were aware of the enigma surrounding Jesus' birth. Jesus pointed out that the Jews' hypocrisy was evident by their failure to show love to his Son despite claiming to love God.

Jesus compared their behavior to his obedience to God's will. The devil is known for being deceitful and destructive, and the people Jesus spoke to were demonstrating this trait by their actions. The truth was like a foreign language to them since lies were their native language. It would have been impossible for anyone other than Jesus to say, "Can any of you prove me guilty of sin?" This challenge implies a conviction based on evidence, not just an accusation. If Jesus had not been sinless, someone in the hostile crowd would have eagerly pointed out at least one flaw.

You Are Not Yet Fifty

The accusation that Jesus was "a Samaritan and demon-possessed" shows the strong opposition to his claims. Referring to a man as "possessed by demons" is similar to calling him crazy. Jesus denied the accusations and challenged his opponents to provide evidence. His goal was to glorify God, while theirs was to shame him. He stated that he had no personal interest in seeking fame and believed that God would ultimately judge his actions.

According to Jesus, if a man accepts his message, they will not face death. The Jews thought it was ridiculous that keeping Jesus' word could grant eternal life, making them believe their accusation of demon possession was true. Jesus once again relied on the Father for his defense. He stressed that his message and vindication were attributed to God. If Jesus denied his knowledge, he would be lying.

According to Jesus, Abraham was aware of his ministry and even found joy in it. This could be because God had promised Abraham that his descendants would bring divine blessings to all nations. The response from the Jews, stating that Jesus was "not yet fifty years old," gives insight into his age. Jesus's use of "I am" was a title of deity recognized by the Jews. When Jesus spoke, the crowd believed he was making a blasphemous statement, so they got ready to stone him. Jesus didn't say anything to convince them otherwise, and he left instead. It's not clear how he avoided being harmed, but he had managed to escape danger in the past because it wasn't his time to die.





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